Friday, December 30, 2011

Profiles: Baxter

Hello there!

My name is Baxter as you probably already know from reading my debut in "The Friend Festivities".  I'm pleased to meet you, and I'm sure you feel the same way about me! *Wink, wink

*Ahem.  Well moving on, I want to become better friends with you all so I decided to share my profile with you.  I will try and be descriptive so stay tuned!

Name: Baxter (First) The (Middle) Beaver (Last)
Profile Picture:

 You see this handsome fellow?  It's me!

Nicknames: Bax, Ter, or just Baxter
Gender: Male
Age: 6...and a 1/2!
Birthday: June 12
Type of Animal: Beaver
Family Members: None known so far
Address: 2448 Beaver Pond Drive
Hobbies: Chewing, building, and playing
Interests: My hobbies
Favorite Food: Twigs and Branches Puree
Favorite Toy: Lego

Background Story: I came from a company called Hatley, just like Butler and Hatley (coincidence?).  Someone named Jama bought me and gave me to Julia for Christmas!  How kind of this Ja-ma person! :)  And now, I am Julia's BBF (best beaver friend).  The End.  Thank you for watching the show.  Please exit to your right.  

P.S.- I'm taking questions if you got 'em!  There is no question that I will not reply to...probably.

Baxter The Beaver
(Baxter T. Beaver)
Copyright © 2011 Julia of Julia Talk.  All rights reserved. 


  1. Ooh I'm so happy that you decided to tell us stuff about yourself, Baxter! I'm sure we'll be great friends if we ever meet at Julia's house. I have one question for you: Do you have a friend that is a bunny???

    <3 Jasmine

  2. Dear Jasmine,

    Oh yes, I am sure we will be wonderful friends!

    Hmmm...let me think. Oh yes! I do believe Julia has a bunny stuffed animal. However, I have not met it yet.

    Baxter T. Beaver

  3. Dear Baxter,

    Please ask Julia if you can meet him/her! I'm sure you two will get along wonderfully because:

    You both have buck teeth.
    You both have fur.
    You are both stuffed.

    <3 Jasmine

  4. Dear Jasmine,

    I see...I suppose I can ask Julia. You convinced me with those very good reasons!

    Baxter T. Beaver

  5. Hey Bax,

    It's nice to meet you. My name is Anonymous Dogcatlover but of course you know that's not my real name. I hope to see you in Julia's blog!
    One question: What is your favorite type of food?


  6. Cool name Anonymous Dogcatlover! (Even if it's not your REAL name...)

    In response to your question my favorite type of food is Beaveranian food. My favorite food, twigs and branches puree is Beaveranian.

    Baxter The Beaver

  7. Oh! I have another question, Baxter. What method do you use to puree your twigs and branches???

  8. I use the chewing method of course! The best part is that the chewing method doesn't require any electricity at all. How wonderful!

    Baxter T. Beaver

  9. Dear Baxter,

    Like your profile.


    How many teeth do you have?
    Who is your dentist?

    Do you like teddy bears?


  10. Oh my, it is the famous Cornelius! I am so honored to meet you sir!

    Well let me think for a little bit...
    Ok! I have my answers:

    Q: How many teeth do you have?
    A: I cannot count that well but I think I have two front teeth...

    Q: Who is your dentist?
    A: My dentist is Dr. Julia Kim. I recommend her!

    Q: Do you like teddy bears?
    A: Oh yes, back in my hometown Beaver Pond my best friend was a bear. (He was the only bear...)

    Hope this answers your questions!
    Baxter T. Beaver

  11. Hi Baxter. I'm Miyu. A cat. My owner suggested to write a comment, since we're both animals (?) I have sharp teeth too. I use these to cut meet and fish and stuff. And I'm fat like you! I'm so happy! Everybody's skinny around here, so yeah. Well, I have questions for you.

    1. Do you like cats?

    2. Do you like your owner? I do!

    3. I hate shots. Do you know what a shot is?


  12. Hello Miyu! Julia has told me all about you, so I'm very happy to finally meet you!

    Here are my answers to your questions:

    1. Do you like cats?
    I like all animals equally. I do not pick favorites. Buuut, if I had to, I think beavers are pretty cool.

    2. Do you like your owner? I do!
    So far Julia is a nice owner to me. Therefore, I like her!

    3. I hate shots. Do you know what a shot is?
    Yuck! Shots are the worst!

    Baxter T. Beaver