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About The Blog
Julia Talk is my personal blog about a mixture of things including stories, animals, baking, and much more.  Even though the blog focuses mainly on stories, very often there is posts about everyday things as well.  The Julia Talk blog started up during Thanksgiving time of November 2011.  The blog is named Julia Talk because when I was younger I used to write my own newspaper called Julia Talk, and the name stuck.

About Me
Hi, my name is Julia and I am a fairly new blogger.  I started my blog up because I was a girl looking for something to do.  I was inspired to start my own blog by my Aunty Jama who owns a successful blog, http://jamarattigan.com.

I love to write my own stories on my free time, and I get my motivation from reading other books and watching shows.  Hobbies that I am interested in include crafting, baking, photography, etc., and so I blog about those types of genres.  On the weekends I like to do outdoor activities, shop, play piano, and basically keep myself busy.


  1. Hi Julia! Haha. I'm commenting on ur abouts page even though it's not a blog post. I like ur new design and i will be still looking forward to ur blog posts every day!

    1. Thank you Miyu! You are definitely one of the most frequent commenters on my blog, and I appreciate it a lot.