Monday, December 26, 2011

Buddy's Christmas Presents

By: Me- Buddy!

(Christmas Eve)
Oh, when is Santa coming?
The next day...

(Christmas Day)
Hrmm...*sniff *sniff.

This must be my first present!  A treat- tasty!
And now, for my first act, I shall make this treat disappear!

That was so good.  *Sniffle.  I wish I still had it.

Ooh lala!  Another present!

Here, I'll show it to you.

What is it?  It can't be a treat, it tastes funny...

Oh, silly me.  The present is wrapped!
Now let me figure out how to take of the paper.

A few minutes later...

Very soft and squeaky.  It's a keeper!

Oh yippee!  I got the last of the paper off.

Oh cool.  This toy can crinkle!

How lucky am I?  I get another present!
Er...make that two presents...

It's play-time!

Sigh.  What a great Christmas.

<3 Love,
Copyright © 2011 Julia of Julia Talk.  All rights reserved.


  1. That's adorable! I'm sure Buddy loved his Christmas! Tuxy loved his too. I gave Tuxy two presents. :D He ripped them open just like Buddy! haha

  2. Buddy sends his thanks! Ooh! Tuxy ripping open presents sound adorable as well. Tell Tuxy Merry Christmas for me.


  3. Thanks, I will! I have photos of him with his presents!!! :D I will send them to people including you, Julia! :)

  4. Ok! I'll be looking forward to that! :)


  5. I'm giving my dog a big bone on New Years day with a bow on it.


  6. That's nice! Tell me how your dog likes it!


  7. Julia! I hope Buddy liked the present we picked together as much as it looks like in the picture! I guess that your dog had a happy Christmas with new toys too!

  8. Oh right! You wanted to get the beaver toy but I ended up buying the elephant. Thanks for helping me out! Hope your cats had a fun Christmas too.