Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Moose Update

Hello People,

It's me Butler here, to let you in on the inside scoop.  Just recently Julia posted her Thanksgiving story, "The Missing Meal" (featuring me, thank you.) on her blog.  My co-stars, Hatley and Cornelius were on that post as well.  So, you're probably wondering what the stars are up to now.  Well for starters, I'm just taking it easy and relaxing at home.  However, Cornelius and Hatley went back home to another state!  And here I am in complete distress without my beloved moose brother and new step-brother.  (Excuse me, I need a kleenex.)  Ok, I'm better.  Well, for the past few days I have been a horrible mess crying my eyes out.  But just today I made an important discovery.  Hatley and Cornelius's owner has a...BLOG.

The Blog

This is where you come in.  I am recruiting you to be undercover agents for The Moose Update.  Your mission is to visit this mysterious person's blog and see if you can discover anything.  (It's a very fun, interesting, amusing blog.  So, enjoy yourself while working.)  From there we can all come together and try and get my brothers back.  Here's the secret URL:

Good luck agents, I'm counting on you!

Hugs and Kisses,
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  1. Aunty SylviaDecember 01, 2011

    Right-o Julia! Over and out1 ( hush! hush!)

  2. Thank you secret agent Sylvia! Your hard work is much appreciated.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Jasmine BlustDecember 01, 2011

    What do we look for?

  4. Secret Agent Jasmine,

    Just check out the site. I must admit, it is a very good blog!

    Good luck,

  5. Ahem ahem ahem.

    Dear Butler,

    Stop crying your eyes out. A simple solution: mail yourself to where we are. Then we can all be together again.

    Hatley and Cornelius

    P.S. Don't you want to see snow?

  6. Oh hey Aunty! ....

    Dear Cornelius, Hatley, and Aunty Jama,

    There is a MUCH MUCH MUCH simpler solution- Mail yourself to Julia's house! (Even though Julia and I want to see snow...)

    Best Wishes,