Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's New Year's Eve

hAppY nEw YeAR (eVe)!

Well it's not much longer until 2012 begins!  Even though a whole 365 days has past, 2011 has gone by so fast.  Take this time to reflect on the year, and more importantly have fun with your family and friends. 

Thanks for making my 2011 special.  I'll be looking forward to hearing from you all in 2012!  Have a fun, safe, and happy new year!

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Activity: Share what your favorite memory of 2011 was in the comment section. :)

Goodbye 2011, and hello 2012~!

<3 Love, 
Julia & The Gang
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  1. My favorite memory of 2011.... hm. That's hard to think of... so many things. But I know that whatever it is, it included my friends. You guys mean so much to me! :) Thanks for a wonderful 2011 that I will always remember and cherish.
    The fireworks on your blog are beautiful, Julia!
    Happy 2012 and year of the dragon-- I hope that it will be the best year of your life!
    Also, as of today, my rabbit has been living with us for exactly 4 years. Happy New Year Tuxy! I hope you live a long life and will enjoy many new years to come.
    Happy New Year everyone-- I hope that we can enjoy many more new years together.


  2. Jasmine,

    :) That was such a nice comment! And I agree with you. It is the family and friends that make life special and meaningful. And thanks! I'm trying out animations today.

    Happy New Year Tuxy! You are such a cutie. Be good to Jasmine, you are lucky to have her as your owner.


  3. Hi Everyone!

    So in spirit of the New Year (and the activity), I decided to share my own favorite memory:

    My favorite memory is being with family and friends. Just simple things like a family dinner or a get together is a special thing. People often don't cherish the everyday moments, and when they are all grown up it's too late. I want to make this new year the best year ever!

    Happy New Years! 12:00 is coming up soon!


  4. N. T. (New Teenager!)January 02, 2012

    Happy New Year to you too Julia!
    My favorite memory this year was... well I don't have one. But most of the memories I love include my wonderful friends and family (including my dog)!
    Some memories I liked: talking to friends, making new friends, canteen, dodgeball, Halloween, going to a buffet with my family, eating at a buffet with my family, and much more.
    Thank you all for such a wonderful year and have a great 2012!

    P.S. I have officially changed my name. This is a clue to my real name (for those who don't know who I am).

  5. N.T., (Nina Tanaka!)

    You are Nina! (Anonymous Dogcatlover)


  6. Hey N.T.! I know who you are! :)

    I know, it's hard to pick just one right? Those are really nice memories that include spending time with family and friends. And, I like how two of your memories included a buffet! Best wishes to you, your family, and your doggie in 2012!


  7. i like spending time with friends and family and pets too! It's kind of like the simple things count most, I guess? I spend the new year in Japan, watching the Red&White Song Fest while warm in the living room but freezing cold in the hallway when I had to do other stuff.....

  8. Yup! :) Pets are our family!

    Wow, that sounds pretty cool to watch. Tell me about the Red & White Song Fest sometime. I hope you had a great trip.

    <3 Julia