On my blog, Julia Talk, there are a few main characters that are featured in my stories:

Butler is a moose stuffed animal that I bought during one of my trips last year.  He was made by the company Hatley.  (Click here to go to the website).  On my blog Butler is featured in holiday stories with his twin brother Hatley and friend Baxter.  His debut was in "The Missing Meal- A Thanksgiving Story".

To learn more about Butler, check out his profile.  Click here.

Baxter is a beaver stuffed animal is made by the same company (Hatley) as Butler.  (Click here to go to the website).  He was given to me as a gift during Christmas time.  Baxter is featured in stories with his friend Butler.  He was first introduced in, "The Friend Festivities- A Christmas Story".

To learn more about Baxter, view his profile.  Click here.

Droplet is a miniature character that I made myself out of clay.  I got the idea of creating him one day when I was brainstorming about small things I could create.  I started with a small ball of blue clay and continued from there.  Droplet has his own series on my blog called "Droplet's Travels."  In his series, Droplet tackles everyday tasks in his small dollhouse.

To read Droplet's first Episode click here.

Buddy is a pure bred labrador retriever who has been my pet for about two and a half years.  He is a naughty but cute dog and gets into a ton of trouble on my blog.  On an everyday basis, he likes sitting in the pool, taking walks, and playing with toys.  However, he also chases ducks, chews and rips chairs, likes to sneak into the house, and do other inappropriate things.  Still, I love him very much.

To read his first post click here.

Berrington is one of the more recent characters on my blog, and like Baxter, he was given to me as a gift.  As you probably guessed, Berrington is a small bear, and he likes to pose in cups.  On my blog Berrington has his own series "Berr In Cups".  However, there is only one post in this series so far.  This bear loves to be in photos, as you will find out.

To view Berrington's profile click here.


  1. Since I commented on ur abouts page, I might as well comment on all the the other pages. My favorite character is Droplet because he's so tiny and everything he does is so cute! I will request, humbly, that Droplet shall have a friend and that there should be more posts about him.

    1. Hi Miyu (again),

      Anyways, I am quite aware of your love for little Droplet! You are probably his biggest fan out there. Also, I was thinking about creating a friend for Droplet and I currently have two ideas for his friend.

      Thanks for another comment!