Saturday, November 26, 2011

This Is Droplet.

The Rain Droplet
Episode 1
Droplet's Travels

Splish, splash.

Oh my!  A little rain droplet!

You must be tired and cold.  Please come inside!

"Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Droplet."
Well Droplet, please make yourself at home.

"Nice place!  But...."

"Everything is so big!"
I'm sorry, all of my belongings are human-size.
"It's ok, I won't be here for long.  I travel all around the world."
Wait!  Actually, there is ONE thing....

My doll house!

"Wow!  This is perfect!"

"Stylish furnishings!"

"I guess I can alternate sleeping in these beds."

"Hmmm...this bed is too big."

"A toy room!  And is that a carriage?  
I have an idea."

"Ahhh.  Just my size."

Copyright © 2011 Julia of Julia Talk.  All rights reserved.


  1. Oh that is so cute!!!


  2. Thank you Jasmine! I didn't know what to post about, so I made up a character.


  3. OMG this is soooo cute!!!!!

  4. Thanks for your feedback Jadie!


  5. I think I can for see maybe an episode featuring Droplet and Buddy? Or would Buddy just think he was there to quench his thirst?? BTW has Buddy seen First Dog? Uncle and I thought it was very cute. Your photography is getting better and better Julis!

  6. Aunty,

    If there was an episode about Droplet and Buddy, most likely Buddy would try to eat Droplet. Thanks for the idea, I will try an make an episode like that! Nope, I never heard of First Dog before. I will be sure to search it up. BTW, thank you for the compliment!


  7. To Everyone,

    FYI: I actually made Droplet and his hat out of clay. (Just for those who were wondering)


  8. OMG. This story is so cute! And creative.

  9. Thank you Miyu!

    It's going to be a series, so stay tuned for the newest installment coming soon.