Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Friend Festivities- A Christmas Story

Series: The Moose Brothers
By: Julia

*Cry, cry, cry
My brothers are gone and I'm all alone.

I'll be spending a lonely Christmas by myself.

I guess there's nothing to do except to go to bed.


I can't go to sleep with all this racket!

I'll find the source of this noise!

The noise seems to be coming from around here...

Who are you mysterious figure?  Step out from the shadows!

Such big eyes...
And huge teeth...


Run, run, run!

 *Huff.  Huff.  Huff.


I won't hurt you.  I'm only a beaver.
My name is Baxter.
Oh, cool...let's be friends!


I'm glad that we're friends...
But today is Christmas and I have no one to celebrate with. 

Let's just celebrate together!

First, let's have a gift exchange. 
Here, you can have my scarf.

You can have...this thing...

 Thank you...but what is it?
Oh!  It must be a hat!
No.  That doesn't feel right.

 Perhaps a sleeping bag?
Ooh.  Tight fit.

I know, it's a nose mitten!
Yes.  That feels nice and cozy.

 Now let's decorate this tree!

 This was a fun Christmas.  I'm so glad we're friends!

Merry Christmas.

And Baxter!

Copyright © 2011 Julia of Julia Talk.  All rights reserved.


  1. OMG. I was JUST on your blog when I saw you post this. Oh, and first commenter again! It would've been funny if moose sang a bit of Blue Christmas and then Beaver singing too, interrupted by Beaver suddenly starting to chew. Well.... I guess your stuffed animals had a friendly Christmas too?

  2. Funny story Miyu! And cool idea! :) Yup. My stuffed animals had a nice relaxing Christmas at home.


  3. Oooh I like butler's scarf!


  4. Sorry Anonymous Dogcatlover! If you really wanted the scarf you should've asked Butler for it! Now Baxter the Beaver has it.


  5. Hey Julia!!! I'm so glad you made another Moose Brothers story! I love these stories; they always have sweet endings in which family and friends get together. I hope that you write more!

    <3 Jasmine

  6. Awww thanks Jasmine! :) I think I'll write these stories during the holidays. I never actually noticed that family and friends get together in these stories. So, thanks for pointing that out! Happy holidays!


  7. What a good looking beaver! He must use a lot of toothpaste :).

    Glad Butler has a new friend. Is that really a nose mitten? Looks like a feed bag to me.

    Happy New Year!

    Hatley the Magnificent

  8. Oh, and Butler can carry around his stuff and food and such using the "stuff"/nose mitten as a bag too! Haha, I'm commenting again.

  9. Dear Brother Hatley,

    Yup! Baxter is now my BFF!

    Well Hatley, of course it's a nose mitten! A feed bag? How silly! Really Hatley I thought you were the smart one! ;)

    Maybe you should come visit during New Years. Then you can meet Baxter! Bring Cornelius as well.

    <3 Love,

  10. Dear Miyu,

    As I told silly ol' Hatley, it's a nose mitten...it has to be...right? But maybe it has more than one use. That makes it even more valuable! :) Baxter was so kind to give it to me!

    <3 Butler

  11. So... I see you've changed your background.... and your blog is the cutest blog on the block....


  12. I love your new format Julia!!! Your blog is DEFINITELY the cutest blog on the block!!! :D Maybe strange people from outside our little friend/family community will soon come... haha

  13. Oh dear, I just realized that with this font this face :D doesn't look so great, does it? Oh well...

  14. Thanks! I like the new background too! I'm planning on changing it up a bit now and then. Also, be prepared for a New Year's surprise!

    Also, other people that I don't know view my blog (shown in my stats) but they don't comment...hmmm.

    Jasmine, that emoticon looks fine. Don't worry!


  15. Aunty SylviaDecember 30, 2011

    Julia, I LIKE the new background... understated cheeriness I would say! This latest episode of the Moose Brothers was very heartwarming and perfect for the Christmas season! It sounds like the Kim family had a great Christmas and so did the Bend Dodges!

  16. Thanks Aunty Sylvia! :) It's always nice to hear from you. I'm glad that you guys had a nice Christmas up there! And yes, my family had a nice Christmas as well.

    <3 Julia