Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baking Day: Brownies (Oven Vs. "Babycakes Cupcake Maker" Part 2)

Hello Friends,

As promised this is the continuation of my two part series, Baking Day: Brownies (Oven Vs. "Babycakes Cupcake Maker Part 1").  In part 1 I taught you how to make your own batch of brownies using "Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix", and I made two batches myself.  One with the oven and one with my "Babycakes Cupcake Maker".

In this next part of my brownie baking day, I got together a group of the finest judges in the business, who are experienced tasters and chefs.  They will be tasting both brownies and seeing which brownie they like better.

Please welcome...

 Chef Butler

 Chef Baxter

 Chef Droplet

 and Chef Berrington

Since dogs cannot eat chocolate, and therefore definitely not triple chocolate brownies, Buddy had to sit out on this one.  Sorry Buddy. 

 Buddy smelling the brownies through the window

Today the judges will be tasting two different brownies: 

Oven brownies

"Babycakes" Brownies

The two competitors side-by-side

Each judge will receive one oven brownie, one "Babycakes" brownie, a plate, a fork, and a napkin.
 So get your tasting materials, and let's get started!

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Utensils for tasting

Judges waiting to be issued brownies and utensils

The plates, forks, and napkins have been passed out!

Now, please take one brownie from each plate and place it on your plate.  We will start the competition in a few moments.

Brownies ready for tasting

Ok judges, start tasting in...

And they are off!  So exciting!  Which brownie shall win?

First, let's check in with Judge Butler who owns his own successful vegan restaurant.

Judge Butler tasting brownies

Julia Talk: So Judge Butler, what do you think so far of the brownies?
Judge Butler: Moist, delicious, so much chocolate!  How will I decide?
Julia Talk: Well, you better get back to tasting.  Thank you for your time.
Judge Butler: My pleasure.

Now, let's check in with Judge Baxter:

Judge Baxter eating brownies

Julia Talk: Hi Judge Baxter!  How's the tasting going?
Judge Baxter: Come back later, I'm busy eating my brownies.  Mmm, so scrumptious!
Julia Talk: Understood Mr. Baxter.  Thank you for your time.

Let's see what Berrington thinks of the brownies:

Judge Berrington pondering

Julia Talk: Hello Sir Berrington!  Which brownie do you like better?
Judge Berrington: Well Julia, they are both tasty, but right now I think I like the "Babycakes" brownie a little more than the oven brownies.
Julia Talk: Why is that?
Judge Berrington: You see Julia, I am quite a small creature, and I prefer smaller brownies.  Also, the "Babycakes" brownies have a crunchy top, but inside is very soft and delectable.
Julia Talk: I see.  Judge Berrington, thank you for your opinion.

And lastly, let's see what Judge Droplet thinks.

Small Judge Droplet struggling to eat the brownies.  In Droplet's case, rather chocolate cakes.

Julia Talk: Judge Droplet!  Do you have a moment?
Judge Droplet: Oh yes, of course.
Julia Talk: So Droplet, what do you think of the brownies?
Judge Droplet: Well, because of my size, I'm having a little trouble eating them...
Julia Talk: Oh my!  I suppose you should get back to tasting.  Thank you for the brief chat.

In the end the results were this:
Judge Butler: Oven brownies
Judge Baxter: Oven brownies
Judge Berrington: "Babycakes" brownies
Judge Droplet: "Babycakes" brownies

And so, the results were tied.  Butler and Baxter liked the oven brownies, and Berrington and Droplet preferred the "Babycakes" brownies.  Now, it was up to my vote to find the winner.

And my vote was..."Babycakes" brownies!  They were easy to make, and just as delicious as the oven brownies, if not more.  

If you have time, why don't you bake some brownies yourself?

Copyright © 2012 Julia of Julia Talk.  All rights reserved.


  1. Did you put your glasses on the bear?

    1. Dear Noelani,

      Actually I didn't because my glasses were too big for Berrington's small head. It was even a struggle to fit the glasses on Butler and Baxter's heads.


  2. Hi Julia! I was looking forward to this post! The little chats with all your gang was really cute! Too bad Buddy had to stay out, but we don't ant him to have a sore stomach. Preferably, I like the baby cakes brownies too. because they're smaller and easier to eat, it doesn't fall apart, the outside is crispy but the inside is moist and sweet, and just because I like small things better.

    1. Hey Miyu,

      I'm so glad you liked the post! I had fun making it myself, so it's nice to hear that my work is appreciated. I kind of felt bad for Buddy, because the whole time I was making the post he sat next to the window begging for brownies. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the brownies as well.


  3. Mmmmmmm, brownies! We can smell them from here. Send us some. Send us some!

    Cornelius and Hatley

    1. Hi Cornelius and Hatley,

      It's so nice to hear from you again. We would've saved some brownies for you, but they're all gone now. Don't worry- they were delicious! :)

      I hope things are great back where you live. Come visit us sometime?

      Julia & Friends

  4. I love the cute pictures with all the characters!

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for the compliment! I'm not that experienced in photography, but I'm trying my best to get better through my blog.


  5. Hi Julia,

    I haven't checked on your blog for quite some time now, but it's great to see that you're posting new things! :) This was a really cute post. I felt kind of bad for Droplet, though... he was really struggling with those huge brownies! I'm glad he enjoyed them though :) Maybe next time it would be better if you could issue Droplet a mini fork and a mini plate.


    1. Hey Jasmine,

      Thanks for another nice comment! Before, I wasn't posting that often because of work and other activities. Now that summer is almost here, the work load is going down and I am able to post more. I'm going to try and post something everyday or every-other day.

      Next time I will be sure to give Droplet utensils of his size. :)